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Fynbos is building the digital wallet we’ve all needed since the earliest days of the Web.

We ❤️ the Web

It is the only digital platform that is non-discriminatory, accessible, open to new innovation and available to anyone anywhere in the World. But, it has always been missing two key features, that other platforms offer through their app stores, identity and payments.

We’re building something to fix that.

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Our story

In 1993, the cartoonist Pieter Steiner coined the phrase, “On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.” Thirty years later, we think it's time to fix that.

For decades we have used the Web to interact and transact with one another, as individuals or as businesses. But over the last two decades Web 2.0 (social networks) and Web 3.0 (blockchain and crypto-currencies) emerged as attempts to “upgrade” the Web in the absence of native identity and payments functionality.

At Fynbos we believe the Web doesn’t need an upgrade, it just needs better digital wallets. Social networks and our online profiles are now an integral part of our digital identity, we don’t just identify ourselves by our email address. The wallets built to access blockchains and hold NFTs, and integrated into our browsers, have shown us what is possible when a digital wallet fits seamlessly into your online world.

We're consolidating those ideas, innovations, and product evolutions into a single digital wallet. The Fynbos wallet will connect the traditional legal and commercial worlds to the Web in a way that has never been done before.

We believe that by connecting your identities, accounts, and contacts into a single digital wallet using secure APIs and modern cryptographic keys we enable you to use the Web in ways that you never imagined were possible, safely, securely and with the same level of trust you would get from an in-person handshake or a wet-ink signature.


Our mission is to reduce the complexity of payments with programmable, interoperable solutions and provide an unrivalled user experience for consumers.

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