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All the ins-and-outs of how we do things, and the problems we solve along the way.

  • We're a founding member of the Open Wallet FoundationAdrian | 2023-02-23In the payments world we call the existing wallets "closed-loop" networks. They don't support interoperability and are in a race to "win".
  • How technical standards promote innovationAdrian | 2023-01-27Cards, around for decades and certainly pre-dating the Internet, were clearly not designed for online payments.
  • Our Fynbos family - meet ÖmerFynbos | 2022-12-13Ömer is a junior software developer and the youngest member of the Fynbos team.
  • Why payment pointers are URLsAdrian | 2022-12-08Payment pointers are URLs and therefor intentionally not an address controlled by a single organisation like Twitter, but Simon still nails many of the benefits of the universal address model.
  • Our Fynbos family - meet BarnardFynbos | 2022-11-30Barnard met the Fynbos team and couldn't help but find their enthusiasm and unshakeable belief infectious.
  • Our Fynbos family - meet JustinFynbos | 2022-11-23Justin heads up our product design at Fynbos. As a multidisciplinary design lead and creative director with a wealth of experience, Justin’s passion lies in crafting lean and meaningful digital experiences.
  • Our Fynbos family - meet CairinFynbos | 2022-11-16Cairin is a co-founder and engineer at Fynbos. Cairin's focus is on building great user experiences.
  • Our Fynbos family - meet AdrianFynbos | 2022-11-09I know we’re building something that is going to change the way the world pays.
  • Our Fynbos family - meet MattFynbos | 2022-11-03As CTO I define our product roadmap and technology choices. I must align the whole team on solving customer problems first and foremost, creating great user experiences, and leveraging technology as a force multiplier.
  • The Future - Digital wallets and payment pointersAdrian | 2022-11-01The future of digital payments is going to centre on digital wallets.
  • Our Fynbos family - meet DonFynbos | 2022-10-26Don is a co-founder and part of the engineering team at Fynbos. He believes the primary goal at Fynbos is to reduce the friction around making payments.
  • Online card payments still suckAdrian | 2022-10-06We are suckers for convenience. When something "just works" it’s hard to look past it at any other options.
  • Connecting the Internet economyAdrian | 2021-11-09In early 2015, I started an email conversation with a fellow engineer who I'd met through a W3C mailing list.
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