Our Fynbos family - meet Cairin

Cairin MichieSoftware engineer

Cairin is a co-founder and engineer at Fynbos.

Fynbos is building a better payment experience that is easier to use, and puts the control in our users’ hands. Our mission is to make the online payment experience seamless. People shouldn’t have to feel like it’s a struggle to make an online payment. Payment pointers are a large part of the secret sauce behind what we are building at Fynbos, except they’re not secret - you can share them with anyone.

Payment pointers are awesome, everyone should have one! They are programmable, open, and secure, while still being simple to use.

Cairin’s professional journey began on the back slopes of Table Mountain, where he studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Cape Town. Mostly focussed on math and electricity, this was his first introduction to computer science. Love at first byte?

After leaving university, Cairin joined a home automation startup. He produced hardware prototypes, and designed and built user experiences. Cairin learned a great many things while working at the startup. One such discovery was his passion for building delightful user experiences.

All too soon it was time to move on, and Cairin joined AdrianMatt and Don at Coil. During this time, Cairin learned about InterledgerOpen Payments, and payment pointers. Fascinated by the myriad of possibilities they could enable, the Cape Town team dreamt of bringing these experiences to the world. These ideas eventually brought about the founding of Fynbos.

As part of the engineering team at Fynbos, Cairin's focus is on building great user experiences. Condensing the hard work of our engineering, and design teams into pixels that will delight our users.

If you could choose any famous person to be your bestie, who would it be?

Douglas Adams. There's a frood who really knows where his towel is. He is my favourite author. I have spent countless hours captivated by the worlds he created. I'm sure he would've been an awesome person to talk to.

If you could instantly become an expert in something, what would it be?

I’ve always been fascinated by psychiatry. The human brain is an amazing place to be, and I'd love to learn more about its inner workings.

You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?

Give me a mic, a tune, and words on a screen. I will belt out a cacophony that will make you wish you never invited me, and I'll enjoy doing it.

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