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Fynbos is proud to be sponsoring the fourth iteration of Bloom with Grace - Financial Edition a regular event that aims to empower young people with essential financial knowledge.

When: 2 August 2024
Where: Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Gwen Lane, Sandton

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BWG Financial Edition 2024

Who should be there?

BWGFE is for young people (18 - 35) looking to enhance their financial literacy, focused on building wealth, and ready to take control of their finances.

What will be covered?

  1. Setting Savings Goals
  2. Planning for Your Financial Future
  3. Understanding Your Money Personality
  4. Building Financial Discipline
  5. The Basics of Investing
  6. Emergency Fund Planning
  7. Budgeting and Expense Management

About Bloom With Grace


At Bloom with Grace, our mission is to bridge the gap in financial literacy by equipping the youth with essential financial knowledge. We firmly believe that financial empowerment is not only a fundamental right but also a catalyst for individual and societal prosperity.


Our vision is to create a future where every young person has the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions, leading to greater economic stability and opportunities for growth.