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/pay in Slack

Easily make payments using the /pay command. Add this feature to your Slack community and you could earn up to $500 a month.

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Earn up to $500 per month for beta testing our Slack bot with your community.

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Calling all Slack communities

We’re looking for communities that can help us test our payments bot.

Get paid based on your community's engagement. Use the money to boost your server, for community giveaways, or just buy yourself that new mechanical keyboard you’ve been eyeing out for months.

What you need to do?

  1. Simply complete the application form. All we need is your email address and your answers to 5 simple questions. We'll get in touch in the next few weeks to share details of the testing program and let you know if your application was successful.

  2. If you haven’t got a Fynbos wallet yet, then you’ll need to sign up for one at fynbos.app/signup.

  3. Once you’re signed up you’ll find instructions on how to connect your Fynbos wallet to your Slack account (or simply visit fynbos.app/connect/slack).

  4. Finally, after you’ve connected your Slack account we'll send you an invite to our community workspace where you can get an early preview of the bot and ask us any questions you might have about the program.

  5. If you are selected for the testing program we will send instructions on how to install the bot into your workspace(s) and configure it, explain the details on how the payouts will be calculated for your communities, and schedule some regular check-ins with you to see how it’s going and help you engage your community.

At this time we are focused on communities that are majority US-resident as this is our initial target market for the Fynbos wallet. If you are not US-resident and would like to apply to be a tester in future please apply anyway and we'll keep you in mind for future testing.

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How much can you earn?

Anything from $50 per month to $500 per month. This all depends on how engaged your community is. To learn anything useful from this testing we need communities to use the bot and also to provide feedback on their experience.

We’ll be running the program for 3 months and you’ll get paid out at the end of each month based on the engagement of your community that month.

If you are selected for the program, deploy the bot, and are unable to get your community to use it you’ll still get at least $50 if you can provide us with some feedback that will help us to improve the bot and better engage your users.

If your community are fully engaged and provide us a lot of useful feedback then you could earn up to $500 per month.

We’ll share the specific payout rules for your community when we invite you to join the beta.

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The fineprint

Multiple servers

If you run multiple workspaces we may invite you to test the bot on more than one of them, in which case you may have the chance to earn more than you would through testing on a single workspace. This will be done entirely at our discretion but all details will be shared with you before the program starts so you are able to decide if you want to participate or not.

Multiple managers

If your community has multiple managers and more than one applies to the program we are happy to split the payments evenly among all of you, as long as everyone that is part of the program has signed up before the program starts and there is agreement between all managers about who qualifies to receive payment. If there is a dispute as to who should be entitled to the payouts then we’d rather just invite a different community to help us test.


We realise that by offering financial rewards we open ourselves up to scammers but its a risk we are willing to take to make sure we build a great product. Filtering out the scammers from the legitimate users is part of what we do at Fynbos already so this program is only going to help us improve our own fraud and risk systems.

User feedback will help us build what communities need and not what we think they need. We think its only fair that if you help us get that feedback then we should compensate you for that time and effort.

However, if we suspect that you are trying to scam us by attempting to sign up for the program multiple times, create servers full of fake users, or any other behaviour we consider suspect, we will remove you from the program.

All rights reserved

While we are going into this with the best of intentions, we acknowledge that things can happen that can force us to change direction. As such, we reserve the right to amend or cancel this program at any time but commit to being open and transparent about any changes we may have to make.

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