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Send and receive payments, to anyone, from anyone, with certainty.

Your Fynbos wallet connects to all of your accounts and identities making it easy to get paid using any of them.

By connecting your many online identities, it's also easy to prove who you are to senders and make it possible for them to verify the account details they are sending to.

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Every person or business transacting and interacting online needs a digital wallet.

The Fynbos wallet is not just a placeholder for your payment cards or a place to store your digital drivers license. Fynbos is changing the way you think about digital wallets.

Your Fynbos wallet is an always on digital agent with active connections to your accounts, your online identities and the digital wallets of your friends, family, vendors and suppliers.

Every Fynbos wallet has one or more unique wallet addresses which you can use as a new online identity that consolidates all selected accounts and identities in your wallet. That address is a also a URL where your wallet can accept new connections to transact and interact on your behalf via secure APIs.

To learn more about how we think about digital wallets, dive into our docs. (coming soon)

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