Building the better way to pay
A payment pointer from Fynbos is a secure, programmable wallet, which connects to all your accounts.
Simplicity, security and programmability built on web-native technology.
SimpleEverything you need and nothing you don’t. A clean and simple user interface for managing your connected accounts. Make deposits and withdrawals, send and receive payments using payment pointers, and configure connected applications.
SecureNever share your card number or bank account details again. Securely load them into your wallet and share your payment pointer instead.
Programmable MoneyOpen Payments APIs allow any third-party to build applications that tightly integrate with your wallet for both sending and receiving payments.
Complete ControlEvery connected application has a unique connection to your account and you have complete control over how they can use it. Single payments, recurring payments, daily, weekly or monthly limits, you decide. You can change your mind and change or revoke their access any time.
The future of digital payments
Payment pointersStep into the future with a payment pointer from Fynbos. Better than a credit/debit card or a private key, a payment pointer is a URL, a native building block of the Web.
Connect SecurelyYour payment pointer connects third-party applications to your wallet. We use GNAP, the successor to OAuth 2.0 and OIDC being developed at IETF, to manage delegating access to your accounts to 3rd party applications. This gives you fine-grained control over the connections to your wallet.
Link accountsLink your bank account or debit card to your Fynbos wallet, with support for more account types coming soon. Connect your wallet to applications that add new features and services to your accounts.
Open wallet ecosystemUse your wallet to send and receive payments online.
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