Bloom with Grace - Financial Edition🗓️ 2 August 2024, Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Sandton


The secret to long term investing, is not a secret. It's low fees, low tax, and lots and lots of time. Stop procrastinating. Stop worrying. Start investing. We'll show you how.

bad advice

Predatory fees


We're tired of watching young professionals squander their future wealth due to bad advice, predatory fees, and fear of making a mistake.

We've built the platform your parents wish they'd had

How you invest at the start of your career is critical to your long term wealth. Invest a small amount now, or much much much more later. But, you also need to avoid unnecessary fees and taxes to make every cent count.

Relax. It’s easy to get started on the right track. We’ll show you how.



Just f*cking start

Rule # 1 of long term investing is to start. There is no rule # 2. No matter how much you have to invest, the greatest impact you will have on your returns is starting early.

Aggressively pursue the lowest fees

Percentage based fees are like parasites on your money. Never pay a percentage-based adviser fee and seek out the investments that charge the lowest management fees.


Max out your TFSA ASAP

The unsung hero of the South African investor. There is no reason to invest anywhere else until you've maxed out your TFSA contributions. Over decades it is impossible to beat the value of tax-free returns.


Life can be unpredictable. When you need some money urgently the last thing you should do is sell your long term investments or take on debt. Having an emergency savings fund is a critical buffer that gives you peace of mind.

How much do you spend each month?

Add up any unavoidable monthly expenses that you'd still have to pay if you had no income.

Your emergency savings target amount
R 60,000

This amount should be enough to cover you for 3 months expenses.

Emergency savings tool

Fynbos helps you understand, set up, and optimise your emergency savings fund so you can be confident that your long term investments are protected from shocks.

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A Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a special account where you can invest without paying taxes on your earnings. For long term investors it is more powerful than a retirement annuity or pension if you use it correctly.

How much will you have at 65 if you maximise your TFSA?
R 22,914,629
R 22,914,629

The age you start investing.

Assumes a R 3,000 monthly investment up to the maximum lifetime contribution of R 500,000 and a 9.4% annual return, equal to the MSCI World index over the last 40 years.

Tax-free investing tool

Fynbos helps you understand, set up, and optimise your TFSA so you can relax, knowing you've got your long term investing off to a great start.

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Fynbos helps you to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy debt so you can ensure you're using debt wisely and avoiding dangerous traps.


Emergency Savings

Using our emergency savings module you'll create an emergency fund that protects your investments from any financial shocks.


Tax Free Investing

Maximize the benefit of tax free returns for your long term wealth creation by taking advantage of the most poorly understood and underappreciated investment vehicle in South Africa, the TFSA.



At every step we're there to help you, understand your current context, evaluate your needs, and set goals to get to where you need to be. You can build simple habits that will have outsized returns in your future.

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